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How I broke into a brand new market and got 16 agents to refer me within 6 weeks...and only working 4 hours per week to do it!  I will share with you the exact methods, scripts and techniques I use in my business to get new relationships, quick referrals and an ongoing fool proof follow up plan for long lasting success.
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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Exact methods I used to break into a brand new market and get referred right away
  • All the exact phone and appointment setting scripts that I use in my business
  • How to get face to face appointments every time
  • What exactly to say at the appointments
  • How to deliver massive value to your referral partners so you become the hunted, not the hunter
  • How Exactly to plan, fill and execute a "1 to many" event the easy way
  • How to Follow up and follow through to ensure that you get referred quickly and consistently
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